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“Quality Billing for Quality Clients”
We offer a wide variety of services, which can be customized to fit the needs of YOUR practice.
We provide accurate, reliable, and courteous service in the most economical manner possible. “Right
first time” coding, higher reimbursement, electronic filing, reduced error rates, and fewer rejected
claims mean increased cash flow and savings to you.

Key Features and Benefits:

Efficiency – We invest in staff training, equipment, and validation software that would not be
feasible without the economies of scale associated with multi-practice
medical billing.

Perseverance – Others are too quick to write off denied claims; we fully exhaust all review and
appeal options.

Remote access via the Internet – Never be cut off from your practice data!  From multiple office
locations, your home … virtually anywhere – your data is accessible, yet secure at the highest level
of encryption possible.

Document Scanning/Document Management – All insurance cards, patient chart notes, lab
reports, etc., are stored and managed in digital format, available for retrieval via the Internet.

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialists and HIPAA Consultants – Our professionals
stay up to date on the latest changes in managed care and government regulations.
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